SUPER SOUL MUSIC is a brand new Italian label set to specialise in soulful dance music, and if their first release is anything to go by they’re going to be an outfit to watch out for.

Said first release is the totally uplifting ‘Warm Me Up’ from JONATHAN MEYER – drummer, DJ and producer, best known for his work with CIRQUE DU SOLEIL and the house classics ‘Now That I Found You’ and ‘Back In The Days’. For this Super Soul Music debut MEYER has brought in MISS D to handle the vocals with she does with a gospel infused passion. The track comes in a number of mixes with the TERRY HUNTER ‘Go Bang Main Club Mix’ just taking honours (the legendary RON HALL on bass here). Those of a more righteous nature, though, might want to investigate the Hammond-heavy ‘Gospel Mix’

WARM ME UP by JONATHAN MEYER is out now on SUPER SOUL MUSIC… find out more @