All proper soul fans will know all about YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED – the duo of drummer Eldee Young and bassist Isaac “Redd” Holt who broke away from Ramsey Lewis in 1966 to forge their own successful career. Who doesn’t love their ‘Soulful Strut’? While amongst their other hits are the funky ‘Wack Wack’ and the sweet ‘n lovely ‘California Montage’.

What many don’t know is the duo (with various support players) recorded 11 albums before disbanding in 1974. Many of their albums are now much in demand – none more so than their 1973 ‘Plays Super Fly’ LP. The album was part homage to Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Superfly’  soundtrack (obvious really -Young-Holt offering their versions of some of the film’s best known songs) and part a selection of covers of pop and soul hits (like the Spinners’ ‘Could It Be I’m Falling In Love’).

Long out of print, ‘Plays Super Fly’ is now hugely collectable, but to take away the pain of searching and the big bucks price tag, the LIBERATION HALL label will be reissuing a vinyl edition of the album for Record Store Day 2022.

However, eager collectors will need to wait a little longer than that. RSD this year is April 23rd – but (as you may now) there has been issues with the vinyl pressing plants, so the RSD organizers have designated June 18th as their “RSD DROPS DAY” – the day when the albums that weren’t ready in April will become available and that’s the day when Young-Holt Unlimited ‘Plays Super Fly’ will be good to go.

Young-Holt Unlimited ‘Plays Super Fly’ is a nine-track album  and comes in classic period packaging capturing the Blaxploitation film sounds and style of the time.(see above) It will be pressed in mellow yellow vinyl and is a limited edition of 2000. Find out more @