TANISHA ROSE is an aspiring UK soul singer who’s gearing up to release her debut album, ‘Super Supreme’ next week – October 27th.

The album’s lead single is a sprightly ‘Jezebel’ – already winning support. It’s even won plays on BBC Radio 2 and easy to hear why – it’s catchy and pacey and though Ms Rose belts the song out with soulful conviction, there’s a poppy feel to the production – perfect BBC Radio 2 fare!

Album previews reveal there that Tanisha can deliver deeper material, like the album’s  title track and a quite lovely ‘Rocket Ship’ – which is actually a duet with Louis Orlando. You can easily hear the Marbin/Tammi influence here! Sweet and lovely… and soulful. However, if you want to dance, ‘Scar On My Heart’ will   do the trick – a quality Brit soul dancer .

Welcome Tanisha – a welcome addition to the growing list of top UK soul sisters! Tanisha’s ‘Super Supreme’ released  October 27th.