BOOM CHANG BANG is one of the many musical aliases of modern soul maestro RANDY MULLER. The “Boomers” album ‘Welcome To My Life’ was a consummate collection with cuts like ‘Joy In Da Rain’ and ‘Groovin U’ scaling all the credible soul charts and rightly so.

The good news is that Randy and his Boom Chang Bang gang are back very soon with a new, eponymously-titled album. From it, one tune is already winning ultra-favourable reviews and multiple plays on the savvy soul stations. It’s a sweet, laid-back, late Summer groove called ‘Sunnyside Up’. And its “sunny” for sure – cool and optimistic too. There’s a catchy vocal, some jazzy guitar and a floating flute solo. Nothing not to like. Autumn’s biggest tune? Probably!

Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang: ‘Sunnyside Up’ – out now via Wave Hill Records