Latest offering  from always dependable DJ  Spen’s Quantize label is a delicious collaboration between RONNIE HEREL and KENNY THOMAS.

Neither need too much introduction here, save to say that both have been on the scene for more years than I’m sure they care to remember and they always deliver – as they do here on ‘The Sun Will Rise Again’.

The track comes from Ronnie’s album, ‘Another Way’ on which he collaborates with people like Omar, Terri Walker, Ali Tennant and , of course, good ‘ole KT!

‘The Sun Will Rise Again’ is a “big” tune, offering a message of hope and inspiration. The lyrics are conscious and uplifting and remind us that brighter days are ahead…let’s hope so. Kenny’s in top form and Ronnie’s production betrays his years of experiences in the biz! The original mix is super soulful while the Café 432 mix takes us into tasteful soulful house territory. This one’s out tomorrow , August 11th.

By the way – see how many soul stars you can recognize on the art work (above) … answers on a ….