Last February, the soul/soulful house world was delighted with DJ SPEN’s  ‘Soulful Storm’ album – a treat from start to finish. Amongst the treasures was a  cover of Maxwell’s classic ‘Sumthin’ Sumthin’’. Top vocalist Brandon Yancey and Spen with a little help from Gary Hudgins quite transformed  the  familiar tune while showing it all the respect it deserves. It was  a lovely surprise on an album that was full of ’em.

Seems I’m not the only to think that way, the “new” ‘Sumthin’ Sumthin’’ has been embraced right across the sophisticated soul community, so dear old Spen decided to give everybody more of the same via some new remixes.

First there’s a tweak from New Jersey mixer Jihad Muhammad whose mix drives the beats forward with a real energy  while retaining all the power of Brandon Yancey’s vocals. Then there’s a downtempo soulful  mix from Gary Hudgins and Spen  which they call the “Funky Flow” mix . They say it shows real respect to the Maxwell original… and it does! There are the usual dubs and instrumentals while don’t forget that the classy original ‘Soulful Storm’ album mix is still out there!