LOVESCENE is a Manchester-based, soul collective. They’re marshalled by Pops Roberts and amongst the members are rapper Blind Mac,  violinist Harry-Fausing Smith and New Orleans muso Gary “Cornwater” Washington. Regulars on the festival and club circuit especially “up North”, they’ve a debut album lined up for April release.

In the meantime, Lovescene will release a new single on March 25th – a convincing, soulful ballad, ‘Suits You’. A song of unrequited love, the cut features a powerful lead vocal. Not sure who’s out front as my download doesn’t offer that sort of information. But the band feature three gospel reared leads – Yvonne Shelton, Gloria Bharda-Singh and Tricia Ramarozafy. Two of ‘em support the third beautifully.

‘Suits You’ is released as a 7” on Band On The Wall Recordings on 25th April. The  B side is a “dancefloor“ mix of ‘Overnight’. Can’t comment on that one but the title suggests a different flavour to the lovely balladic ‘Suits You’.