‘Sugar Me Sugar You’ is the latest single from the enigmatically named MS1. Research reveals that MS1 are two UK brothers … MIKE HARRISON (aka DJ Blue) and session musician GEORGE HARRISON.

The boys are currently working on an album…. ‘Changes’ but right now they’re busy promoting the lovely old school flavoured ‘Sugar Me Sugar You’ single. The hypnotic cut features a great, grumbling bass line (I’m guessing brother George) and a convincing soul vocal from US singer Jerome Vintage.

MS1’s first single – a light and refreshing ‘The Summer Song’ – is also still available and might remind you of the great summer that we might have had … if you can remember that far back. Whatever, the femme-fronted tune will, we guarantee, bring warm memories on these cold, wet, rather miserable autumn days!

Both tunes come highly recommended.