STRAIGHT ON RED is a funky soul and rock band led by guitar man Phil Danter. The band issued an eponymous set in 2012 and it earned itself a pile of accolades on the underground scene. Straight On Red go into 2014 with a brand new album…. the aptly-named ‘Round 2’. The 11 tracker continues where the debut left off; that’s to say it’s stuffed with a danceable mix of funk, pop, jazz and soul with just a touch of jazz. Hearty voiced vocalist, Tim Prottey-Jones is in fine form, belting out big style to match the huge grooves the band lay down

Nine of the featured songs are band originals with the two covers being versions of ‘Running Out’ by Muse and Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’. Danter is the main song provider and his wry, witty and ultra catchy tunes reflect the 16 years he worked as a top advertising executive. In his 30s he quit the world of Mad Men and enrolled at Boston’s Berklee School Of Music to pursue his passion for music.

‘ROUND 2’ by STRAIGHT ON RED is released on Rolled In Glitter Records on 17th March