One of soul’s most important and influential labels was Miami’s TK imprint. The label was founded by music biz hustler HENRY STONE who died in August 2014. Stone had a remarkable career – he started, of course, by “discovering” Ray Charles then he signed James Brown to King. But Stone will always be remembered for his stewardship of TK and its various imprints.

Now the wonderfully named reissue label, Athens Of The North, is set to celebrate Stone’s TK legacy with a remarkable 20 track album that highlights some of the very best music that came out of Stone’s Dade County Studio. Incredibly (and great news for collectors) the collection eschews the really well-known tunes … the big hits and the big names, and focuses on the real quality soul that has fired Southern soul collectors for many a year!

The LP is called ‘Henry Stone’s Miami Sound – The Record Man’s Finest 45s’ and it really is a remarkable and diverse collection. For instance, the set offers a very rare recording from Betty Wright’s brother, Leno Philips…. and what his ‘Confusion’ lacks in sophistication is made up for by its sheer authenticity!

You also get an irresistible ‘Funky Nassau sound-alike (‘Bahamas Soul Stew’), a fabulous Little Beaver/Willie Hale tune (‘Concrete Jungle’) and lots, lots more. The real jewel in this crown though is the simple, rustic, soulful ‘Thousand Years’ from Brand New… a kind of TK Holy Grail and like many of the tunes here on CD for the very first time!