Back in 2021 Mint Condition’s STOKLEY (Williams) released his wonderful ‘Sanfoka’ album – one of that years very best. A couple of years down the line two of the set’s key cuts are being reissued as singles and are being repromoted  to, his people say, give Stokley’s music more exposure in the UK and to reach more people.

The two chosen tracks were highlights of the LP. They are ‘ Jeopardy: Verbalize’ and ‘Clouds’. You’ll remember that the former featured Snoop Dogg and he loved the track so much that he included it on his own ‘Presents’ collection. Stokley explains the meaning of the song thus: “Boy meets girl, girl clicks with boy in a relationship blossoms… until weeds of misunderstanding threaten their carefully cultivated garden of love. The dilemma is tricky but the solution is to break it down and spell it out”. Now you know. But it’s the soundscape that captivates… wonderful interplay between Stokley and good ‘ole Snoop!

‘Clouds’ is a little different but equally beguiling –  it features input from singing/songwriting duo SHAKESPEARE! (Los Angeles natives Tradessa Willis and Trevon Trapper) and they’re a perfect foil for Stokley’s impassioned vocals.

Both ‘ Jeopardy: Verbalize’ and ‘Clouds’ are good to go one more time!