The latest release on Brian Power’s Soulhouse label, the re-work of the Luther Vandross tune. ..’I Wanted Your Love’ from Ronnie Herel and Ali Tennant, turned plenty of heads and got feet tapping throughout our lovely soul kingdom. Big, beaty and brash it was different to Mr V’s original, but it somehow worked.

Now just when you thought it was safe to walk off the dance floor, the Herel/Tennant cut comes back in a splendid new remix from DJ Spen. Clever old Spen slows things down just tad and concocts a mix that’s a little more subtle than the original. Less in your face, it’s a proper soul dancer and good ‘ole Spen skilfully and very cleverly throws in the riff from ‘Glow Of Love’. Luther, I think, would be proud of this mix, especially as Ali Tennant does such a great job with his Luther sound-alike vocal.

Ronnie Herel and Ali Tennant; ‘I Wanted Your Love’ the DJ Spen remix will be released on Soulhouse Music on March 31st