William DeVaughn’s ‘Be Thankful’ is a soul perennial but its message really is more important now than ever! I’m guessing that when the Geordie band, Soul Messengers recorded a cover of it for their current album, they didn’t quite appreciate how relevant it really is!

Since the initial recording, the band, (Steve Lee, John Anderson, Anthony Keenan and John Walker) have remixed it, adding (amongst other tweaks) the lovely voice of LOUISE MEHAN (the lead voice of Soulutions, of course!)

Now there’s yet another mix from the same source… this one just credited to Louise whose voice floats beautifully over a gentle Philly inspired backing track. It really does work and proves (again) what a pure and soulful voice Ms M has…. it’s gorgeous. This new ‘Self Isolation’ mix is only available via the Soulutions web site.