By common consent one of last year’s best soul singles came from New Orleans soulstress ERICA FALLS. Her lovely ‘Up’ ticked all the right boxes and had even the most conservative soul scribes in raptures.

Mind you why wouldn’t Ms Falls deliver. We enthused about her way back in 2017 when she released the LP ‘HomeGrown’ (yes, no gap in that title). Read about it here –

Seven years down the line, ‘Up’ established Erica as a real contender. It was (indeed is) proper grown-up soul music. Beautifully produced and with a chorus hook that hits you where it should, it’s a real classic.

Now, the resourceful team @ IZIPHO SOUL have picked up the wonderful ‘Up’ and are releasing it as a 7” single! Without putting too fine a point on it, you just need to get on this one! And as a bonus, the B side’s a goodie too! It’s a gentle ‘Makings Of Love’ taken from that aforementioned ‘Homegrown’ album. By the way, that whole album’s well worth checking out – try a gorgeous ‘Old Records!’

In the meantime Eric’s 45 issue of ‘Up’ is released by Izipho on May 10th – learn more @

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