Right at the death of 2016 soul fans were delighted by ‘Soul Family Affair’ – a wonderful Brit soul set from GROOVE ASSOCIATION…. the London band led by the redoubtable GEORGE BROMFIELD (Georgie B).

To keep fans satisfied, George and his team have remixed two of the album’s key cuts – ‘One For The Money’ and ‘Slow Dance’. The former now comes in a “Gold Diggers” mix and to be honest it’s not that different to the original. It’s still sweet and lovely with a hint of EWF about it. The latter, as you’ve probably guessed, is a slow jam and the new tweak (“Love Affair” mix) gets away from the original’s electro backing track to crank up the soul quotient. The song’s a duet with lovely Deborah Bell and both new mixes are out now on GAB Records.