Over the year’s Germany’s TRAMP RECORDS has served the crate diggers, soul anoraks and rare groove seekers splendidly! One of their compilation  series in particular has been noteworthy – ‘Can You Feel It?’ Said crate diggers, soul anoraks and rare groove seekers will be delighted to know that Tramp has just released the third album in the franchise and ‘Can You Feel It? Volume 3’ offers a generous 17 tracks that tick all the boxes you’d associate with rarity.

16 of the 17 tracks have never been anthologized before while none of the artist names will be that familiar. Equally they cover a wide geographical area – the opening ‘ I Wanna Dance’ from Compton Hodge for instance emanates from Guyana, while other artists come from Barbados and Germany but all holding their own with the other tough US sounds.

Immediate grabbers are Ivory’s smooth ‘Warm Love’ and James Kelly Duhon’s ‘So Trusting’ which offers an odd brass sound somewhere between the Astors and Instant Funk.

‘Can You Feel It? Volume 3’ comes in double 12” LP (first 400 copies with a bonus 7” single), on CD and as a digital download.