Last Autumn we reported on a comeback of sorts by RANDY MULLER. The brains behind bands like Brass Construction, Skyy, BT Express and  First Circle was promoting his new dance tune ‘Beautiful Feelin”. With a big, big soul vocal from feisty Carolyn Harding, the cut in all its 5 mixes won lots of dance hall attention.

Since then Mr M’s been mighty busy ‘cos he’s pushing the tune again…. this time via a huge 11 different mixes! Yep, something for everyone – there’s the Deep House flavours of the Max Farrente Dub mix; there’s a glossy disco flavour on Gino Bianchi’s mix and plenty in between. We’re guessing the soul crowd will dive straight for the two Philly flavoured remixes – zipping strings. danceable beats…. the lot!

The new mixes of Randy Muller’s ‘Beautiful Feelin” are out now on Plaza records.