She uses (what we think is awkward) the moniker S.E.L. – it stands for SOULFUL EMMA LOUISE and the young London soulstress has been there or thereabouts for a year or two without a really big break out. Her biggest tune ‘Flowered Tears’ became something of a modern soul anthem and her last offering was ‘Falling’ – a duet with Bryan Chambers who added his distinctive Will Downing flavoured tones to the Michele Chiavroni production. ‘Falling’ was a sweet slice of grown up soul and we were promised remixes and now here they come courtesy of Booker T and the Kings of Soul.

That crew seek a very different audience with soulful house tweaks that retain a smidgeon of the original soul quotient. You can enjoy a “Booker T Satta Dub“and/or a “Booker T vocal dub” that is if you fancy a little bop around you newly locked down kitchen (like mine is!)

Call me old-fashioned but I still prefer the original (more soulful)… but then what do I know in these crazy old times!

The new mixes will be good to pre-order on Traxsource 25th September; the promo release is on Traxsorce 9th October with full digital release 23rd October