THE GROOVE ASSOCIATION’S award nominated, No. 1 soul album ‘It’s Been So Long’ was one of 2020’s big UK soul success stories. The album yielded hit after hit and  to maintain the momentum, the Association’s main man Georgie B decided to remix selected tunes and get them out there as singles.

I’ve lost count of how many  George tweaked but each “new” one was crafted with a passion and showed his deep respect for soul’s rich and varied heritage. Case in point was his superb re-tooling of ‘It’s Been So Long’. For the new version our man welded his song onto the chassis of Maxwell’s ‘Ascension – Don’t Ever Wonder’.  Hence, he dubbed it the “Max Mix” and little wonder it was huge success. Equally tasty and successful was the new mix of ‘It Should’ve Been You’. This new “Contagious” mix threw up plenty of great soul memories while the new look at ‘Love’s In Our hearts’ was resplendent in it its updated EWF colours. Those who wanted a proper summery vibe needed look no further than the Dennis Brown ‘Love’s Has Found Its Way’ sampled mix of ‘You Promised Me Love’.

Georgie has been so overwhelmed by the response to the remixes that he’s gone the whole hog and remixed everything to recreate the magic of the first ‘It’s Been So Long’ via fresh, new perspectives. Once again, the project proves that you can’t keep a good tune down and when there’s someone at the controls with the experience, knowledge and passion  for and of real soul you know you’re on a winner all the way. The whole remix album is good to go now.

‘It’s Been So Long [REMIXED]’ is available via