The legendary FRANKIE KNUCKLES’ latest music project is called DIRECTOR’S CUT. Launched in 2011 with ERIC KUPPER, the idea is to fashion the very best modern soulful house but to keep it respecting the past. The newest outing from the team is the uplifting single ‘Let’s Stay Home’ for which FRANKIE enlists the vocal talents of INAYA DAY, who in the past has collaborated with BOOTSY COLLINS, RANDY CRAWFORD, MISSY ELLIOT and many more.

‘Let’s Stay Home’ is a deliciously tight piece of dance floor magic with trademark thumpingly discreet beats from FRANKIE. If you prefer things a little looser then try the New Jersey-flavoured mix from TONY HUMPHRIES. It comes complete with a loping bass line over which INAYA’S soulful vocal glides effortlessly.

LETS STAY HOME will be released on August 1st on Nocturnal Groove Records.