Over the past few years Australia has proved a fertile breeding ground for new soul talent, and the latest Antipodean to tread the soul path is vocalist and guitarist, CHICH.

Chich, though, is an itinerant soul man- he’s toured in the UK, Germany, Spain and Croatia and even released an EP under the name Richi in Zagreb.

A graduate of AIM (the Australian Institute Of Music), Chich has just released his latest album – the 12 track, ‘I’m Alive’ – an apt title since the long player was recorded in as few takes as possible. Chich and his band mates (Simon Morel, lead guitar; Yann Charavel, bass; and Brad James, drums) went for a live and organic feel and by and large they’ve achieved that aim.

The music on the album fuses blues with rustic soul and though there may be just a few too many rocky guitar breaks for the purists, the sound is honest and committed. Of note is a Northern soul flavoured ‘Mistress’. The snappy, sharp, snare sound is spot and the whole thing rides a great bass line. The album’s title track is a churchy, mournful meander while the string-edit version of ‘Lover’ is interesting too.

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