ODED NIR is an Amsterdam-based musician and owner of Suntree Records and his cross-pollinated albums ‘Midnight Snacker’ and ‘Rooftop Conversations’ won acclaim from those who like their music just a little bit different, a little bit intriguing. They were a fusion of all kinds of everything , if you would… Funk, Soul, World, Jazz, Disco, lush downtempo vibes and  a little bit more!

Mr N is all set to release a third album, ‘Indoor Life’ from which he’s just released the single, ‘Alive’. The track is a collaboration with Jamiroquai drummer and producer DERRICK MCKENZIE and it’s an insidious and insistent electro groove with a breathy, dreamy, other worldly vocal from JENNER who just happens to be Derrick’s daughter. Good to know that nepotism is alive and well! Jenner does a great job, though, bringing just  the right amount of sweet soulfulness to the downtempo groove.

‘Alive’ will be released on May 12th, 2023, on Suntree Records.