BRENDA HOLLOWAY was (indeed is) a Motown legend – revered for her hits like ‘Every Little Bit Hurts’, ‘You’ve Made Me So Very Happy’ and the still fabulous ‘When I’m Gone’.

Ms Holloway has worked steadily since the golden days of Motown – recording, touring and developing new artists and amongst those new performers is Alabama’s RAGS MOODY III. Inveterate sleeve note readers might recognize Mr M’s name from his contribution to PRESTON GLASS’ latest album ‘Love & Compassion’. He delivered the track ‘Family Man’.

Right after that, Glass paired Rags with his mentor, Brenda, and the result is the simple, sweet old school duet ballad, ‘Same Page’ which has just been released on David Nathan’s SoulMusic Records in association with Platinum Garage Recordings.

‘Same Page’ speaks of a different age – the age of Marvin and Tammi of Peaches and Herb et al….a simpler time when songs were less gimmicky and, maybe, more heartfelt.

Brenda Holloway & Rags Moody III- ‘Same Page’ is out now