At the back end of last year most decent soul media commented appreciatively on an intriguing single, ‘By The Lake’ from an equally intriguing artist, PALE JAY. Most agreed that though this was  by no means a traditional soul cut, it’s eclecticism and ethereal nature delivered a quiet sort of charm and progressive soul feel.

Pale Jay is keen to keep his identity, origins and influences a secret but he’s equally keen to develop his musical CV which he now does via another eclectic single, ‘In Your Corner’. Again, it’s not traditional soul but there’s a soulful feel to proceedings especially in our man’s falsetto vocal .

We’re told, that ‘In Your Corner ‘ is taken from Pale Jay’s upcoming album ‘Bewilderment’(above). The PR people define “bewilderment” as “a feeling of being perplexed and confused” and they add that that’s the inspiration behind the album. They say that “it’s a soulful exploration of the artist’s  family’s gradual disintegration due to years of avoidance and miscommunication. During this difficult time, Pale Jay began to question the stories he had always lived with and re-examined his identity.” Intriguing. While we wait for the August album, ‘In Your Corner’ is out now via Karma Chief Records, a subsidiary of Colemine.