CANDACE WOODSON is a southern soul singer who came to the business via the tried and tested gospel route debuting in churches in her Paducah, Kentucky home.

A music graduate of the Tennessee State University in Nashville, Candace is currently putting the finishing touches to her second LP from which she’s just released the first single…. an insistent mid-tempo groove called ‘Free’. It’s not the Deneice Williams’ classic – Candace’s ‘Free’ is tougher and grittier with some pulsing brass notes and, we’re told, that the lyric really is intensely personal. Yes, we all want to be free to be ourselves but Candace has, thankfully, just been given the all clear from a life threatening cancer…. she truly is “free”. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Her new album will be a celebration of her new freedom and with a Tom Glide remix of ‘Free’ on the way, Candace is riding a new wave of optimism!