This year the COOL MILLION/SED SOUL set up will be celebrating a big ten years of making great modern soul and to mark the occasion we’re promised lots of great new music. In the meantime, to whet our soul appetites, the team are currently promoting three tunes that are all worthy of serious consideration.

First up there’s an odd ‘Mariana Trench’ from a new singer MARIAMA CEESAY. Now this isn’t your typical Sed Soul sound; indeed the boys have classed it “left field”. It’s electronic and atmospheric with a particular eerie charm.

Next – something a whole lot more classically soulful –a cover of the Persuaders’ ‘Thin Line Between Love And Hate’ from DONALD MCCOLLUM. Now this isn’t a new recording… it’s ten year old (at least) but it kind of slipped under the radar back then and it truly deserves another airing. It’s a very respectful reading of the classic and Donald is in great form.

The third new promotion is ‘Breathe Easy’ from long time Sed Soul collaborator SEEST. Oddly, though, the tune isn’t being released on Sed Soul but Frank and Rob have decided to help their old friend promote this easy going modern soul grove.