Garlanded music maker DAVE LEE (aka JOEY NEGRO) – yes he of the SUNBURST BAND is busy preparing a new album due in June. In the meantime, he’s just released a single as a taster – and how tasty a taster  it is! Tune in question is a busy, bounding ‘Starlight’ that sees Mr L team up with UK vocal legend OMAR.

With those two name of the label, you know we’re talking here about quality – both in the soulful and dance floor contexts.  Their ‘Starlight’ is groove heavy  with a warm bassline anchoring matters. The atmosphere is heady, the call to the floor is irresistible and good ‘ole Omar takes care of business in his usual five star way! We believe that the B side offers an older Sunburst Band tune… ‘Magnificent Mango’ which recently appeared on EP. This is another clarion call to the floor – someone said it’s “a veritable slap-bass extravaganza” and  I wouldn’t argue. There’s a little Latin lilt  to proceedings and , for sure, an EWF flavour – hardly surprising… our Dave’s  a big fan!