CALE AUSTIN has entertained us over the past few years with a series of sweet singles – most of ‘em crafted with his uncle Jeff Guishard of Hi Tension.

Cale and Uncle Jeff are back together with a new single set for release at the ned of the week (10th June). Previews reveal that this ‘Got My Pride’ is a breezy pop soul confection. The song is super catchy and Mr A’s vocals are spot on – underlining what his earlier singles showed. He’s a real talent!

However, the  light touch of ‘Got My Pride’ hides quite a deep message in the music. Cale says; “It’s all about the universal human experience of overcoming adversity and standing up for oneself. is an anthem for anyone who has ever been knocked down but refused to stay down.” Now we know!!! But what about an explanation about the cover art (above)?

CALE AUSTIN… Got My Pride… released 10th June