Releasing a Christmas tune/album  is a rite of passage for recording artists and latest to join that particular bandwagon is  soul  star VIVIAN GREEN. Our Viv has just released an EP, ‘Spread The Love’ which was inspired by the BET network  movie, ‘Holiday Highway’.

The lead single is the EP’s title track and it’s a bright, breezy, bouncy number replete with plenty of musical Yuletide cliches. Vivian says: “While I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas, I’ve always loved the euphoric melodies and freedoms in the song structure of holiday music. I am a songwriter and that means I essentially should be able to write about anything. When writing “Spread the Love” I was intentional about including the three cultural holidays of the season because it hasn’t been done enough. There’s something beautiful about acknowledging different cultures in one space. I truly enjoyed assisting in helping to energize someone else’s story in the film “Holiday Hideaway”, and as bonus, I’m excited to release this EP,

VIVIAN GREEN; ‘Spread The Love’ out now.