CAPTAIN SKY is the musical alter ego of Chicago soul/funkster singer/bassist DARYL CAMERON and the good captain’s been on the scene for a good while. More latterly he’s enjoyed a  mini renaissance via the singles ‘Under Tha’ N-Fluence’ and his lovely cover of Blue Magic’s classic 1973 outing ‘Look Me Up’. Both tracks were taken from our man’s LP, ‘All Of The Above’.

For his latest project Mr C has teamed up with Cre8tive Conceptz Entertainment to form a musical concept called L U V. (pronounced “love” – but you could guess that, couldn’t you!). However, it actually stands for “Living Ultimate Victory”.

L U V’s  first offering is an insistent, up tempo groove, ‘Spread Some Love Today’. The message is in that title – another call for love and peace (so why doesn’t anybody listen!!!)  and it’s presented  urgently with Daryl on lead vocals supported by the ever-soulful  Yvonne Gage. It’s out  now – c’mon give peace a chance and spread love!!!