‘Splinters’ is the title of a new, upcoming EP from GIDEON KING & CITY BLOG (GKCB) –  a New York based Soul/Pop collective.

Guitarist King  is a native New Yorker and grew up surrounded by a wide range of music. Though his parents were classical purists, his brother was a jazz prodigy who was already playing with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie at the age of ten while his sisters turned young Gideon onto the likes of Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd.

King formed his City Blog in 2015 as a studio project but they were soon out gigging in and around NYC while their music releases (notably the lovely, ‘Dealing Master’) have won plaudits  from serious tastemakers. Said tastemakers are already enthusing about the title track from ‘Splinters’ and little wonder. It’s a gentle, building, harmonic,  blue-eyed soul offering . King says: “’Splinters’ is one of those rare examples of a song coming out largely as envisioned. Usually, the chaos of human input and practical realities changes the spark of your idea into an unpredictable flame that either warms you or burns you. But Splinters is different. It’s actually what was in my head, a textural thing with a pop/funk tune lurking in the middle.”

By the way, Gideon’s people tell us the band are called “City Blog” , “because it is an open-ended dialogue with a lot of people contributing their perspectives. When we create, it’s like controlled chaos. We sift through competing ideas, chipping away at the song until it has discernible features. “ The Blog currently numbers three distinctive vocalists. Caleb Hawley,  Sonny Step  and Ashley Hess. The band is rounded out by musicians that include Grammy© nominated drummer Jake Goldbas, Jeff Hanley, bass, Zach Mullings drums, percussion and musical director and keyboardist Bryan Reeder . 

GIDEON KING & CITY BLOG; ‘Splinters’, the single out now; ‘Splinters’ the EP out September.