Latest release from Melbourne’s SOUL MESSIN’ RECORDS is a classic reincarnation of the sounds of the mid-60s. The 7” (it’s out digitally too) features a tune simply called ‘Soulgroove ‘66’ and like many great tunes of that era, it stretches over two sides – thus, part 1 and part 2.

Part 1 is credited to THE NEW COBRAS and it’s a slinky funky workout with a sleazy male vocal and Booker T style Hammond. The lyric is a call to the floor, name checking 60s dance crazes and there’s a lovely, live atmosphere. Part 2 is even sleazier – befitting the credit to THE NIGHTSTALKERS. It’s an instrumental featuring Hank Crawford style sax and Jimmy Smith flavoured organ. Very evocative!

The single is out September 10th