TED TAFORO is a Los Angeles-based musician and  a two-time recipient of the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award. His primary instrument is the sax and he made his recording debut in 2016 and he’s just released his latest collection, ‘Soulmate’.

The album and its  title track is dedicated to Ted’s partner, Baolu but the music doesn’t wallow in romantic sentimentality. Indeed it’s tough with enough jazz-funk flavours to satisfy devotees of the genre though some might baulk at the more electro-based tracks like the quirky ‘Space Between Us’, ‘No On Else’ and ‘Tiramasu -ed’ . From that title, you can guess that 15 tracker isn’t a conventional take on jazz funk. To say the least, it’s quirky and eclectic but if you have adventurous ears you’ll probably enjoy the ride. Out now via Revolver Records.

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