Latest release from Alan Kitchner’s SOUL DIRECTION label is a brace of sweet and lovely confections from an obscure soul  group from Des Moines, Iowa, SPLIT DECISION.

Not a lot is known about the band but the Soul Direction team think the line-up was Gordon Starr Flipping – Guitar, Synthesizers and Lead Vocals; Jerry MacMahon – Bass; Ronnie MacMahon – Drums; Gary Jackson – Keyboards ; Del Jones – Saxophone; Kevin Walls – Trumpet; Cocoa Brown – Vocals; and John Stillwagon – Keyboards.  Flipping was the leader and after his dalliance with the group he went off to work with Prince.

In their own right, The Split Decision band released just one single – ‘Watching’ Out’ on the Network label. Now hugely in-demand, an original will bring big bucks at any soul auction. The band though  did record more material between 1979 and 1984 for an album that they planned to release as ‘A Thing Of Your Own’. It goes without saying that the LP never won a release. Fast forward to 2017 when Now And Again records collected together as much Split Decison Band material that they could to release a self-titled album and it’s two of those “lost” Split Decision Band cuts that make up the new Soul Direction single. They are ‘You’re The One’ and ‘My Love Just For You’.

Both  songs are gentle, relaxed  grooves  with a classic, smooth 70s soul sound. On the bright, jaunty ‘You’re The One’ vocals come courtesy of Gordon Starr Flipping himself. On it he’s  supported by some sweet harmonizing while on the slower ‘My Love Just For You’ the voice is (presumably) Cocoa Brown – some sweet, sweet soul singing. Wonder what ever happened to her?  ‘My Love Just For You’ is labelled as the A side but ‘You’re The One’ is just as strong. Two fine 70s soul cuts! By the way, Gordon Starr Flipping is still active. He leads a non-profit outfit called Young Heroes that aims to help the youth of Des Moines through musical education. This Soul Direction single is released with his and Now And Again records’ full cooperation.

Split Decision Band – “You’re The One / My Love Just For You” -released on 7” vinyl by  Soul-Direction on February 25th . Dispatch no later than March 1st . Remember this is another limited edition release.