The IZIPHO team have been really busy. Hot on the heels of their last two singles (see ) they’re lining up a release on Aussie soul band, THE REGIME. We say “band” but they’re more a collective with, at various times, 20 plus members.

Izipho have released Regime music before. You may remember that we enthused about their 2020 single, ‘Never Gonna Stop’. Back then we said that the song “was a future classic , one of those rare songs where everything is just right, and you can’t quite say why it’s so irresistible… it just is.” And we could use the same words for this new releases… a gorgeous ‘Be A Lover’ – four minutes of sublime contemporary soul! It has it all… silky soundscape, sensuous instrumentation with an effortless flow and a wonderful vocal from lead vocalist Liam Stacey.

This wonderful cut is already available digitally with vinyl to follow. The B side to the vinyl we’re told is ‘Keep On Lovin’ for which we have no music right now but on the evidence of what we know of The Regime, it’ll be  a good ‘un! Learn more @—be-a-lover-out-1-march-168-p.asp