The modern tech revolution has meant the proliferation of radio stations across all kinds of platforms and the soul world have been well served by new and enthusiastic stations manned by people who just love the music and want to share their joy!

One such radio station is UBIQUITY RADIO –founded in 2015 in South Africa by soul fanatic PAUL WILSON. Paul got to know and love soul via Radio Luxembourg, Blues and Soul Magazine (he was a big fan of Charles Waring and yours truly BB!), the pirate stations and good old Robbie Vincent on Radio London.

After three successful years, Ubiquity has just been relaunched. Paul says: “Really pleased to announce the launch of the revamped website for Ubiquity Radio where you can listen to the best in 60s/70s/80s Soul, Jazz and Funk 24-7-365 while you browse our new online merchandise store. Due to popular demand, we have now developed a new App for Apple devices in addition to our long-standing Android App. You can download both directly from the website. Lastly, we are always seeking to add to our DJ roster, so if you fancy broadcasting around the world, drop us a line

So here’s a big chance to join the crazy world of soul broadcasting… or simply enjoy some great music.