Just last month UK soul vet GARY B. POOLE released  a single ‘Revival’ – a crisp and tight , contemporary soul dancer that betrayed Gary’s years in the business. He’s been around for over 35 years and the cognoscenti will remember his hits ‘Running Around’ (with Cool Million) and ’24 Hours’ (with vocal group Troi). Gary’s also worked with the Soul Talk collective and D’Influence and was a Tom Jones selection on a series of ‘The Voice’.

Gary’s ‘Revival’ proved popular but we learned that it had a complex history. Produced by Gary and the Soul Talk team (Ernie McKone and Toby Baker) it was the title track to an earlier-in-the-year album. But said long player was quickly withdrawn.However the song ‘Revival’ survived. Now that cut along with three others are good to go on an EP, ‘Soul Talk Sessions’.

We’re guessing that the tracks all come from that aforementioned LP. They’re the finger-clicking, mid-tempo ‘Alright’, the tough and funky ‘Stomp’ and the ballad ‘Let’s Find A Way’. Along with the still vital ‘Revival’ they make up a classy, quality UKmini soul set and show why Gary’s held in such esteem by the UK soul community. Out now!