Always dependable SOUL JUNCTION RECORDS maintain their quality 2023 output with a new vinyl single that pairs two cuts from REGGIE SOUL & THE SOUL SWINGERS. They are ‘My World Of Ecstasy’ and ‘Mighty Good Loving’. Reggie Soul? Well good ‘ole Reggie’s one of those great cult soul men about whom very little is known, though his recorded output is much sought after by serious collectors.

What we do know is that “Reggie Soul” was born Reginald Stone and that he cut just three (?) singles in Chicago under the auspices of songwriter and producer Clarence Johnson. First, there was the funky ‘I Got Jody’ backed with the soulful ‘I Feel So Bad’ which appeared on Red Balloon Records. The ‘Jody’ song reappeared on Nation Time Records as the B side to a cover of James Brown’s ‘Soul Walkin’’ which was credited to “Reggie Smith” … maybe a mis-credit?

Reggie’s third single was ‘My World Of Ecstasy’ and ‘Mighty Good Loving’ which first appeared on the Capri label in 1968. (below) Credits show the songs were written by Reg with label owners Charles and Walter Scott. The brothers were also accomplished musicians and with other siblings they were the house band at Chicago Southside’s most popular night club, The Bonanza Lounge. We’re guessing that with the addition of horn players/arrangers John Jackson and Bill McFarland, the Scott boys made up the “Soul Swingers”.

The Capri single had little, or no impact on release and Soul Junction’s sleuths suggest that Reggie left Chicago in the mid 1970’s for the lone star state of Texas never to be seen or heard from again! His Capri record though was imported into the UK, and many turned up in those bargain “soul packs” – remember them?

The gentle but gritty ‘My World Of Ecstasy’ won plenty of plays and support and its popularity has prompted Soul Junction to license it from Scot-Tees Publishing (owners of the Capri catalogue) to satisfy demand. The B side, ‘Mighty Good Loving’ has its own appeal. This one’s a full -on, frantic and frenetic dancer with a rough-hewn almost funky feel. We believe that we can look forward to more Capri releases from Soul Junction. In the meantime, ‘My World Of Ecstasy’ / ‘Mighty Good Loving’ is released via Soul Junction on November 7th. Learn more @