We first heard of Berlin/San Diego-based band THE EVERETTES earlier this year via their single pairing of , ‘Number Nine’ and ‘Soul Thing’. Both has plenty to offer – the former a light, poppy Northern sort of thing with the latter a tad heavier. Amongst the attractions was the sweet vocal interplay of their three female  lead singers Jess Roberts, Katharina Dommisch and Laura Niemeyer.

Since the single we’ve learned that the Everettes debuted in 2020 and in the last three years they’ve built quite a following on the European festival circuit. Now the band have just released their second LP…. ‘Soul Steps’ and with catchy melodies and danceable grooves a-plenty on the 12 tracker it’s easy to understand why they’ve become a big draw!

Both sides of the single are featured and the light groove of ‘Number Nine’ still sounds good and ‘Soul Steps’ proffers plenty more of that poppy soul sound with a Northern  flavour. Try ‘Into The Night’, ‘Good Life’, ‘So Many Ways’ or ‘A Thousand  Lessons’ for starters. They’re all unpretentious and make few demands – happy clappy happy music!

There are other  flavours too. ‘Heads Up High’ is a dramatic ballad with pleasing harmonies. But the standouts are ‘Calling Out Today’ and ‘Forever True’. Both are catchy, rolling mid-tempo grooves that draw on soul classics from the 60s and 70s. Both those come recommended!

Indeed if you like your music undemanding and uncomplicated then this ‘Soul Steps’ is for you. The 12 tracker makes no demands. The band were clear that none of the tracks should last more than three and a half minutes – pop and soul  the way it used to be. Music to make you happy rather than bring you  down