KETSYHA is a Puerto Rican born R&B/Soul/Gospel singer-songwriter and producer. After a spell in L.A. she’s now back home Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico where she’s built up a following amongst the local music community with a series of catchy dance numbers.

Her latest release is particularly catchy – a big, bold dance number  with a just a touch of the Latins (hardly surprising given the tune’s provenance), ‘Search Your Soul’.

The song has a long gestation period. Ms K wrote it a while back  and worked on it while she was in California. After moving back home, she finalized the production with local brass musicians and now it’s available  for all to enjoy.

The message in the music is simple… “find your purpose in life by getting in touch with your intuition and deep consciousness.” It’s the delivery though that captures the attention…  insistent rhythms, a swirling groove, a big chorus and a soulful vocal . Out April 29th.