Over the last few years REEL PEOPLE MUSIC has established itself as a major player on the UK soul scene and just to confirm that, the label is all set to release a major 2 CD, 25 track modern soul compilation.

Snappily titled SOUL LOVE 2104, the Reel People people say that the collection will be “the finest, truest definition of modern soul yet…. a cornucopia of exquisite grooves, musicianship and emotions“. Well, if the 14 track sampler doing the round is anything to go on then they’ve got the description bob on!

‘Soul Love 2014’ offers cuts from people like Eric Roberson, Marc Evans, Tyrone Lee, Don E and the great Tony Momrelle whose fab ‘Spotlight’ would stand out on any collection –as it does here.

This being a Reel People outing, the set also boasts a number of exclusive Reel People remixes –notably a groove-heavy tweak of Muzart’s ‘The Party After’, a bass-led recreation of L Young’s ‘I Love My Girl’ and a lovely ultra danceable revision of The Layabouts’ ‘Colours Of Love’ .

It’s all great stuff and set to rival those classic Expansion ‘Soul Togetherness’ sets. We’ll bring you a full review just as soon as we have a full album.