Brand-leading boutique label, SOUL JUNCTION open their 2024 account with a lovely, little 45 on another of soul’s great unknowns, CAM CAMERON.

Very little is known about Mr C save that his real name was Alvin Cameron and he was active in the late 60s and it seems that  there is just one release on him… a 1967 single on Capri Records that paired ‘They Say’ with ‘I’m A Lonely Man’. The soul sleuths at SJ have discovered that the arranger on both tracks was John Andrew Cameron, a hugely respected arranger, producer and songwriter on  the Chicago music scene of the 1960’s and early 70’s (often credited as Johnny Cameron and no relation to Cam). Johnny Cameron also worked with  the Chicago-based family group, the Scott Brothers. So, with that link, no surprise to learn that Capri Records was owned by one of the Scotts… Sephus Howard Scott!

“Alvin”  Cameron is credited as the writer of ‘They Say’ while the writing credits on the flip, ‘I’m A Lonely Man’ are down to Howard and Walter Scott. Howard is also credited as producer alongside “Edgar Mullins”. Both songs were recorded in Chicago in the summer of ’67 and won release that year but  the single only enjoyed limited, local action.

Copies of the disc eventually pitched up in  the UK  and both sides won plays on the scene – with Northampton jock Cliff Steele being particularly fond of the disc. I’m guessing he would have played the Capri A side – ‘They Say’. This one’s a crisp and pacey beater and though credited to “Cam Cameron” ( a solo artist) it’s a classic group sound – full BVs and sweet harmonies. ‘’I’m A Lonely Man’ (the Capri B  side) is a more gentle beater that  veers between mid-tempo and ballad.  It features an  emotional vocal, a lovely brass interlude and the obligatory key change towards the  end

Both tracks deliver quality 60s Chicago soul and proove that there was a lot more  to the Windy City than the “big names”. This Soul Junction newie is released  Monday 29th January 2024. We believe that pre-orders are now being taken. Learn more @