Always good to have new music from INCOGNITO, so we’re delighted to announce that BLUEY and his team are  working on a new album and have lined up a taster single for 22nd September release. The new tune is a delightful blend of soul and jazz, garnished with all the usual Bluey Maunick flourishes. It’s ‘Keep Me In the Dark’ and it features a sumptuous vocal from NATALIE DUNCAN – her first (but hopefully not last) outing with the band.

Mr Maunick explains the song’s evolution: “This song began as a groove-based brief I gave to Richard Bull, with the intention of providing Natalie with an Incognito signature sound full of rich musical flavours and featuring classic Incognito horns and bold solos, without losing sight or focus on her tones, vocal range and writing ability. Creatively inspired by our studio setting in a garden paradise deep in a plantation of rubber trees in Thailand, keyboardist Richard Bull, bass man Francis Hylton and I fleshed out Richard’s groove-laden demo as the lyrics and chorus melody began to take shape in my mind.  They continued to blossom through the night. I could not wait for daybreak!. Once back in the studio the following morning, I laid down a vocal guide. I knew that Natalie would relate to my play on words from listening to her speak between songs during her own set at Ronnie Scott’s. I did not even attempt to write the verses and left that to Natalie to bring her truth to the song, allowing her to connect with our work and own it in her performance. From her opening lines, her words confirmed what my heart already knew… I was not wrong!”

Good old Thailand! Essentially the song is an ode to the complexities of relationships but, of course,  it’s what’s in in the grooves that  really counts  and the groove here is classic Incognito. It’s a superb little tune and the pairing of Ms D and the band sounds like a match made in heaven!

INCOGNITO feat NATALIE  DUNCAN ; ‘Keep Me In The Dark’ released 22nd September via Splash Blue

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