THE DEGREES (no, not those “Degrees”) are a Bristol-based duo –  Charlie Bierman and Isha Campbell –  just signed up to Goldie’s The Fallen Tree 1Hundred label.  Their debut single – a gentle but smouldering ‘All Said And Done’ won them plenty of friends in the UK soul communituy. It was/is a proper builder of a tune with touches of neo-soul, acid jazz and ethereal vocals topped by a sweet, jazzy piano break. The song, as you might know, is a message of self-reflection, of looking back, being content with yourself and what you have in life.

The Degrees now build on that success with a follow up that offers similar, gentle, jazzy neo-soul  flavours… ‘I Need You’. At first hearing /glance, a love story… but not so! Isha explains… ‘The lyrics were written about my annoyance with politics and politicians. We put our faith in them, need them to deliver on their promises and do the right thing, but they rarely do…’ Now you know!