Just last week we posted about a couple of rather special, upcoming  45s from the ever-dependable SOUL4REAL label. They featured Frederick Knight and Annette Snell (read all about it @ ) but now the lovely team at Soul4Real tell us there’s been a little problem with the ANNETTE SNELL 7”.

It’s a little complex but here’s what’s going on. The Annette Snell 7” featured three previously “lost” tracks which “she” recorded down in Muscle Shoals just prior to the plane crash that claimed her life. The tracks were ‘I Think ‘I’m Falling In Love, ‘Make You Feel Love Again’ and ‘This Time We’re Really Through’. Alex Subinas, head boy  @ Soul4Real sourced the music  from the original record company and the licensor and, as you would, he assumed that the music they sent over was all by Ms Snell. However, he’s since discovered that the two tracks on his EP’s B side, ‘Make You Feel Love Again’ and ‘This Time We’re Really Through’, were actually recorded by Eleanor Grant! It seems that after Ms Snell’s tragic death, Eleanor stepped in to re-record the songs! So, in essence, the Annette Snell release is actually one Snell track and two by Grant! Awkwardly, the records have already been pressed up and are ready to go!

However, Soul4Real are re-pressing with ‘I Think I´m Falling In Love’ still on the A side and a “proper” Snell recording on the B side…. ‘Tonight I Feel Like Dancing’ which has a disco vibe.

Alex offers sincere apologies and anyone who has  pre-ordered the record and not interested in it anymore, can contact him  for an immediate refund. He adds: “The only positive thing is that I’ve now been allowed by the licensor to increase the pressing to 650 units instead the original 500 pressing. So if you missed the first pre-order you have now a second chance to own the record.“ Learn more @