SOUL JUNCTION’S latest single release features two sides from an artist that they’ve featured before – ROBERT MONTGOMERY. Montgomery hails from Rome, Georgia and is a true soul multi tasker – singer/songwriter/producer/ keyboardist; it seems he does the lot!

Robert began his music career in a band called The Sons Of Aries who later morphed into Chain Reaction. He then worked with Villaruz and Ripple (remember their ‘The Beat Goes On’?) and tried recording some of his own songs. But as hopes of stardom faded he cut his losses and went into selling insurance! However, such is the nature of the soul biz that one of his tunes – ‘I Need You Girl’ started to win plays on the UK and European rare and modern soul circuits and the demand for the cut grew and grew and Soul Junction pleased all and sundry by licensing the song and issuing it anew on 7″ vinyl.

It did so well that the Soul Junction crew then issued two more Robert Montgomery tunes – ‘Time Of The Day’ and ‘Take Me High’ which was followed by the inclusion of his ‘Love Song About You’ on a SJ CD compilation. It’s a lovely, laid back groove (reminiscent of Ronnie McNeir) and it’s the tune that fronts this latest vinyl single. The putative B side is the more up-tempo ‘I Love You So’ – more echoes of McNeir, we’d suggest. It seems that there are no more Robert Montgomery tracks in the locker and though he was never a major player the two sides here show that he could’ve been a contender!