Within the gospel community, Detroit’s VANESSA BELL ARMSTRONG enjoys legendary status – a status earned over four decades. Thus, the gospel community will be delighted to learn that Ms Bell Armstrong is gearing up to release a new album, ‘Today’ – due June 21st via Shanachie.

The album’s title track has just been released as a stand-alone single and on the evidence of this “up” and optimistic song, non-believing lovers of the good groove will find plenty to enjoy too! You see this ‘Today’ (the song) convincingly  bridges the gap between “old school” Gospel and contemporary soul music.

Vanessa says: “‘Today’ is a real pick me up song that makes you forget about your troubles and worries. It makes you give thanks just to be alive. It’s a reminder that life is all that you make it and that there is no need to worry because God has everything under control. All you have do is just smile and be happy.” Difficult to do sometimes, but sage advice and worth considering!

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