JEAN CARNE is a legend amongst serious soul collectors who know that her time at Philadelphia International yielded a plethora of timeless classics.

The lady’s been away from the studio for far too long but it’s good to announce that she’s set to release a new, eponymous  album on May 27th. The upcoming album is a collaboration with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad for the Jazz Is Dead record label  and (as the label name suggests) the seven tracker takes her away from the sounds of PIR and  right back to her jazz roots.

Whilst we wait for the album, Jazz Is Dead have just released the first single – an imaginative, experimental ‘Black Rainbows’ . The track is more a meditation that a “song” in the traditional  sense. Jazz Is Dead describe it as “a keyboard fantasy/percussion-driven number, which gives Carne’s voice enough space to showcase her incredible talents. The title and refrain conjure memories of Sun Ra’s Afrofuturism with graceful awe.” Find out just what they mean by investigating  via your usual streaming/download platform.