In this business we come across some great and some times crazy artists’ names and to that “great/crazy” list we can now add JEFF ‘THE FISH’ LEFROY & HIS MISSADVENTURES. We don’t know too much about ‘em save that Jeff has been playing pro for some time – notably with mod revival band Long Tall Shorty in their rhythm & blues period. He’s now based in France and we’re not sure  where  the “Fish” bit comes from  and equally confusing is the fact that though “Jeff ‘The Fish’ Lefroy & His Missadventures” sounds like a band, on record, Jeff plays 80% of the parts himself.

Jeff is launching an eponymous album in May from which the first single has just been released. It’s a fast, paced, rough ‘Gotta Move’ which the PR people label “funky blues / rock n roll” and yes, it’s that and more! There’s (in places) a crazy Northern feel mixed with a punk/garage rock vibe… yes, it’s an odd sound.

Jeff explains the song’s message: “I have emigrated twice in my life so far, and this song captures how I felt both times. A mixture of boredom, frustration and a strong belief that things could be better elsewhere. I moved about a lot as a kid, so I think it is probably the Gypsy in me talking rather than reality.”

‘Gotta Move’ is out now and  the album’s here in May. We’re told it’ll be an eclectic affair betraying the influences of people like The Who, Jimi Hendrix, The Small Faces, Traffic, Fleetwood Mac, Doctor Feelgood, Sly & The Family Stone, Ian Dury and The Blockheads, Luther Allison and Freddie King. Sound bonkers but interesting!