London-based blue-eyed soul man DANNY TOEMAN is being touted as a “new” artist turning plenty of heads with his latest single. ‘She’s Got Something About Her….’. Indeed the cut is worthy of head turning – a lovely, rolling, soul groove with some sweet brass work that will remind you of Tower Of Power in their more mellow moments. It’s a great summer soul cut!

Danny, however, is no newcomer – certainly not to the discerning soul crowd. We first got to know about Mr. T back in 2014 when we enjoyed a double A sided single ‘That Sinking Feeling’/’Layin’ It On The Line’ which we were told was from an “upcoming album”. We never saw an album but there is one coming very soon… ‘The Point Of No Return’. – and the aforementioned ‘She’s Got Something About Her….’ is the lead single. If you like your soul with a retro feel – a kind of Mayer Hawthorne meets James Hunter with an extra dose of quirkiness and a dash of Paperboy Reed you could do worse than investigate. It’s out next week.